About us

Hanami Clothing


Hanami Clothing is a Minnesota, USA-based company, which started researching ways to upcycle vintage kimonos into clothing in 2018 and officially started manufacturing and selling in 2019. Manufacturing, shipping, and selling operations are based out of Kyoto, Japan. All items are manufactured here in Kyoto, and all materials are sourced in this old capital of Japan.

We look for fabric that:

  • Has little or no staining, tears, etc.
  • Has gorgeous or unique designs, is soft, and that can be shared for years to come.
  • We hope will bring joy to your life.

Keeping Up With Traditions

Ever since the kimonos we now know and love were first crafted, the fabric remnants and old articles were upcycled or re-used as different things. Over the generations, Japanese people have explored many different ways of recycling old and aging kimonos, such as making them into (or using pieces as parts of) dolls, toys, hats, shoes, fans, pants, shirts, skirts, scarves, noren, etc.

As Japanese people wear kimonos on fewer and fewer occasions, there are getting to be more and more kimonos passed down from prior generations that lay dormant, collecting dust. This has led to an explosion in not only a diy industry of instructing people on how to remake their parents or grandparents' kimonos into something new, but also an industry of professionals giving these items brand new lives to both those living in Japan and people visiting from abroad.

Hanami Clothing hopes to expand this industry even more, ensuring that this fabric is taken care of and doesn't crumble to dust or get eaten away by mold or moths as the years pass.