Custom Orders for Noren, Skirts, and Scarves

We can accept custom orders for all types of our products. We reserve our most expensive fabrics for custom orders, so prices range from the same price as our in=stock catalog, up to... well... a bit more.

If you are looking for some perfect fabric for your next scarf, we can help guide you to select the fabric that feels exactly how you want it to. Many kimonos are made our of thick or scratchy fabric, and weren't designed to be touching skin for long periods of time (as "kimono underwear" is typically used, and most kimonos have lining in them). So, many beautiful designs won't work well with those with delicate skin or just won't work well as scarves.

Noren, on the other hand, is the most flexible product we offer, when it comes to which fabrics we can use. Pretty much everything can be made into noren, but if you want very long or wide Japanese doorway curtains, you may be limited to only using our selection of unused, vintage fabric bolts.

You can find many of our available fabrics at these links:

We have over 200 kimonos and unused fabric bolts for you to choose from, so don't hesitate to contact us if you want your very own, custom made wrap skirt, noren, or infinity scarf.

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