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About Noren

Noren (暖簾) is a type of curtain that originated in Japan. They were first used as a way to protect buildings from outside elements, but they're now used as decorations, protection, and as a way to show a business is currently open.

Oftentimes, you'll see these at entrances or in hallways, separating customers from the kitchen or stock room. Some of them are permanently installed in front of businesses, but most smaller shops in Japan take them down after each work day. You'll see these doorway curtains 

The noren that we offer here at Hanami Clothing are mostly meant for decoration, as they are all created using vintage kimonos or vintage kimono fabric. Most kimonos made within the past decade or so are made with modern printing techniques (such as in using large inkjet printers) or other similar techniques. Also, many of the kimonos that are inexpensive and sold to tourists in shops across Japan are made in countries like China and Thailand, and, even with more authentic kimonos, much of the fabric (including silk) of these newer kimonos is imported from South Korea and Vietnam.

This is a very recent phenomenon, though, so silk kimonos made more than 10 years ago are still typically Japanese-made.

Handmade Noren

We make all of our noren here in Kyoto, Japan, and we also source all of our fabric and kimonos here in Kyoto.

Due to staining from the age of the fabric and stains that may be on the vintage kimonos, making these can get pretty difficult. We have to determine how to maximize the use of each fabric bolt and vintage kimono and work around damage to the fabric.

As kimonos come in various sizes, and because the width of each piece can be between 28 and 38 centimeters, the final width and length of each Japanese curtain we make can vary quite a bit. Make sure to look at the details of each piece we offer.

Custom Noren

If you are interested in ordering a custom piece, such as picking out a specific kimono to use or a certain size, message us through our contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

We have over 200 kimonos and fabric bolts for you to choose from, though prices do vary depending on the quality and age of each piece.

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