Upcycled Kimono Infinity Scarves

Starting up research in 2018, Hanami Clothing started manufacturing and selling upcycled wrap skirts, infinity scarves, noren, and more in 2019. Today, we take a look at the process of making infinity scarves (with hidden pockets) out of kimonos.

We first take apart some kimonos, or find unused fabric bolts, that we think would look great together as one. We sometimes swap fabric during the manufacturing process, as we are constantly getting in new stock.

As these are all vintage, and many have been used for years or decades, there is oftentimes staining from use or the age of the silk. We examine the fabric to see how much we can use and what we can make out of them. We may swap kimonos with others if usable strips don't match (such as 45 centimeters on one kimono, and 54 centimeters on another). We want to use as much fabric as possible, to prevent waste and out of respect of those who created and used each article. If the fabric thickness, softness, etc. doesn't match, we sometimes swap it out with another to keep the feel of the scarf consistent.

We then cut everything down to size and sew them together. This is when we attach the zipper and pocket. All pocket material is also made from kimonos to ensure that double kimono baked-in goodness.

In the end, we finish sewing it up and hand stitch the last hole, and prepare it for shipment to our lovely customers. We store them in zip bags with silica gel, to ensure safety of the fabric.

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