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Autumn Kimono Infinity Scarf with Hidden Pocket - Beige with Green and Red Lines - Upcycled Vintage Silk Kimono Loop Scarves

$69.99 -40% $41.99
From: $17.99 to: $41.99

These infinity scarves match the Fall colors perfectly. Green and red stripes on a beige background.
Made out of a vintage silk kimono here in Kyoto, Japan.

Length: 93" (7'11") (236cm) with Hidden Pocket - $69.99
Length: 57" (4'9") (146cm) with Hidden Pocket - $49.99
Length: 40" (3'6") (102cm) No Hidden Pocket - $29.99
Width: 6" (15cm)

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Flower Pattern Wool Noren - Cherry Blossoms Sakura, Chrysanthemum, Camellia, Peonies, Flowers, Vines Japanese Chirimen Curtains

$69.99 -40% $41.99

Handmade wool noren from vintage, unused kimono fabric bolt (97% wool, 3% nylon). High quality "Chirimen" fabric. Repeating pattern of Cherry Blossoms (Sakura), Chrysanthemum, Tsubaki (Camellia), Peonies, Flowers, Leaves, and Vines in red, blue, pink, and orange on a red background.

Length: 54" (4'6") (137cm)
Width: 28" (2'4") (71cm)

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Handmade Silk Kimono Infinity Scarf Vibrant Orange Purple White Flower Patterns Hidden Pocket Brown Traditional Clouds Blue

$89.99 -30% $62.99
From: $55.99 to: $62.99

Infinity scarf with hidden pocket made from two vintage silk kimonos.

Blue (1990s kimono): Bright orange, purple, and white flowers on a navy blue background. Very striking color contrast.
Brown (1990s kimono): Soft brown silk with white lines that form clouds. Some stains may be on this section.

Length: 78" (200cm) with or without hidden pocket
Width: 6" (16cm)

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Kimono Infinity Scarf with Large Pocket - Flowers, Village, Abstract Design - Purple, Brown, Blue, Green

$89.99 -30% $62.99
From: $31.49 to: $62.99

Upcycled infinity scarf with hidden pocket made from four vintage silk kimonos. Handmade in Kyoto, Japan.

Green: Japanese kimono-making village, leaves, river, flowers, pagoda, blue, red, brown
Purple: Purple with some shiny specks
Brown: Traditional flower design - traditional inking and dying process
Blue: Abstract symbols, white, pink
78" with hidden pocket version pictured.

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Lightweight Black Kimono Silk Infinity Scarf - Japanese Village Clouds Leaves Plants Trees Nature- Soft Smooth Upcycled Scarves

$39.99 -15% $33.99
From: $25.49 to: $55.24

Upcycled dark black vintage silk kimono infinity scarf. Made out of a vintage kimono, and features traditional Japanese patterns of leaves, villages, and clouds.

Length: 96" (8') (244cm) $54.99-64.99 (Hidden Pocket)
Length: 52" (4'4") (134cm) $29.99-39.99 (Hidden Pocket)
Width: 6" (16cm)

52" version shown in images.

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