All in-stock items ship within one business day, excluding holidays in Japan and the U.S., and in-stock items ordered with back-ordered/custom items ship only after all items in the order are in stock.

Orders with multiple items all qualify for shipping discounts. If the customer doesn't apply the coupon themself, we will issue the discount as a partial refund on the original payment. Items that are not located in the same country (for example, 1 scarf is in Japan and 1 noren is in the U.S.) don't qualify for shipping discounts, but the item in the U.S. will arrive earlier.

Delivery to the U.S. takes approx. 5-10 business days from shipment. Delivery to everywhere else depends on customer region, but will typically be delivered in 5-20 business days.

All items are safely packed in zip bags with silica gel.

Approx. Shipping Schedule:

USA: 3-10 Business Days
Canada: 5-10 Business Days
UK: 5-10 Business Days
Australia: 5-10 Business Days
New Zealand: 5-10 Business Days
Elsewhere: 5-20 Business Days

Refer to this page for more detailed shipping dates:


All non-custom orders may be returned within 30 days of original shipment, less a 20% restocking fee and return shipment. Contact us through your customer account to return an item.

Items with manufacturer defects may be returned for free either and for a full refund. If customer pays for shipment, the fee shall be returned via PayPal or another means after a receipt is given.

  • Tears, rips, holes, minor stains, etc. due to prior lives as kimonos or haoris aren't considered manufacturer defects. (We endeavor to ensure this type of damage is kept to a minimum on all products.)
  • Tears, rips, holes, misprints, bleeding, etc. from original, traditional manufacturing and dying/inking processes of vintage silk aren't considered manufacturer defects. (Traditional processes always have these types of things, which more so shows how genuine the articles are than a statement of quality.)
  • Patterns will oftentimes vary from the pictures in the item listing due to being from a roll of fabric or having to use different pieces to avoid damaged portions of the original kimono. Item pictures are descriptions of the types of fabric used instead of the exact patterns that will be on the final pieces ordered, unless if the item is directly stated to be "one-of-a-kind."